In Memory of Nolan Fields

February 22, 2016

Dear Saint James Family,

What makes Saint James so special is that as a school family, we support each other in the best of times—and in the most difficult of times.
 We always hope that happiness and joy will fill our days, and we know we must face challenges and sorrow on occasion.
Now is the time for the love and friendship that we share to provide strength and encouragement for one another.

Nolan Fields, one of our dear graduates from the class of 2015, passed away this weekend after a valiant battle against cancer.
He was surrounded throughout his journey with the love and compassion of his parents, brother, family, friends, coaches, teachers, and many others within the Saint James family.

Nolan’s spirit was unparalleled. Throughout his life, he touched the lives of so many with his genuine kindness.
His optimism and gentle nature continued to shape his character even in the face of cancer.
Nolan was nothing short of a warrior—keeping pace his senior year in the classroom—while embracing aggressive treatment and its side affects. He never lost hope or his will to fight.

Nolan’s mother, Mrs. Jamie Fields, is a beloved English teacher at Saint James School.
Please keep Jamie, Nolan’s father Frank, and Nolan's brother Matt, in your thoughts.
We know they will find great comfort in our continued strength and support.

With heavy hearts, we will all walk forward together in the days ahead and celebrate the memory of the young man we all loved.


Dr. Larry McLemore
Head of School