GAME 10:  @ Highland Home 13, St. James 6

STJ               0       0       6       0               6
H H              0       6       0       7             13


H H  (2)    2:34   Chambers 4 run                                      (kick blocked)     0 -   6
STJ   (3)  10:48   Dean 15 run                                               (kick failed)     6 -   6
H H  (4)    0:17   Bailey 32 pass from Sankey                     (Tucker kick)      6 - 13

November 3, 2006.  7 PM  Clay Jordan Stadium, Highland Home.  Game Conditions:  Clear, cold  Game Temperature:  48  Wind:  NNE  5-10, fading


St. James could not overcome penalties, extreme opponent time of possession, and some dubious officiating as Highland Home scored on a pass play with 17 seconds remaining in the game allowing the Flying Squadron to win the season ending battle of 4 - 5 teams with a 13 - 6 victory over the visiting Trojans.

The Trojans could not generate any offense on their opening drive, and then committed three offside penalties on defense to help kickstart the Squadron's first drive.
Highland Home picked up four first downs, and advanced the ball as close as the Trojan 23, but two consecutive losses on runs turned the ball over on downs to St. James.

The Trojans advanced to midfield in a quickly moving first half, but on the first play of the second quarter a pass was intercepted by Deymond Sankey at the Squadron 19.  After picking up one first down, Highland Home punted again.  After the punt was well away, a flag for holding was thrown downfield on the Trojans.  After the punt receiver was downed, the referees talked for a while and decided "since possession (of the bouncing punt) had not been retained (by St. James)", the penalty was enforced from the line of scrimmage, treated like a foul prior to the change of possession, and gave the Squadron a free first down after an incorrect interpretation of a rule which had been changed several years prior to eliminate any such interpretation.

Nevertheless, Highland Home retained the ball and kept it for most of the remainder of the second quarter as well, cashing in their gifted opportunity.  Darius Chambers' 12 yard run gave the Squadron a first down at the Trojan 6, and two plays later he carried over from the 4 for the first score of the game.  Chad Crews and other Trojans crashed through the line to block the extra point attempt, but Highland Home had a freebie 6 points to their credit to open game scoring.

Disaster struck on the Trojans' next scrimmage play as a pass was intercepted by Alex Tindal at the Squadron 48 and returned all the way to the Trojan 1, just short of an interception return touchdown.  However, on the following play, St. James caught a rare game break as the quarterback snap was fumbled and recovered in the endzone by the Trojans for a touchback, giving them more tolerable field position.  After one first down run and another one about to be recorded, a fumble was recovered by Highland Home at the Trojan 43 with still over a minute to go in the half.  A penalty and several incomplete passes led to an endzone punt, and the Trojans were lucky to be down only by 6 after the triple turnovers in the second quarter.

St. James started the second half inspired, and defensed the Squadron well early.  One play after a poor Squadron pitch resulted in an 11 yard loss, a Sankey fumble was recovered by the Trojans just outside the Squadron 30, and a late hit penalty moved the ball to the 15.  On first down, Matt Dean cut off right end and broke through virtually untouched into the endzone for a St. James score.  The extra point attempt swerved wide left, but the score was tied at 6 early in the third quarter.

The Trojans were the recipient of another lost Squadron fumble on the next drive at the Highland Home 43, but could gain no yardage.  Graham Sutter's punt was downed at the 4, and it appeared St. James had the Squadron trapped again.  However, Sankey took over running from his quarterback position and picked up first downs on 19, 13, 12, and 11 yard runs on the drive, chewing up almost all of the third quarter clock.  In fact, the Trojans only ran 11 offensive plays in the second and third quarters combined.  The drive stalled, and a Squadron punt was fair caught by St. James at the Trojan 13 just before the end of the third quarter.

Mainly on the rushing of Chase Christian and Dean, the Trojans picked up 4 of their game 8 first downs on the first 5 plays of the fourth quarter.  St. James had a third down and 4 at the Squadron 31, but a holding penalty negated what would have been another first down run.  After a short pass completion, the Trojans waited before planning to take the field for what would have been a 55 yard field goal attempt.  However, just seconds (it seemed) after the ball had been put in play, a delay penalty was called, and the decision was made to punt.  It appeared to be the right one in retrospect, because the punt was downed at the 11 and Highland Home only picked up 3 yards on 3 plays before they were to punt into the wind and give the Trojans good field position.

As luck would have it, the wobbly punt took a crazy bounce and hit a Trojan before being pounced on by a Highland Home coverer at the Squadron 40, giving them new life.  A huge loss on the next play was partially offset by a mysterious face mask penalty way away from the ball carrier.  Several plays after a 12 yard pass from Sankey to Ken Bailey, Sankey converted his own fourth down at the Trojan 45.  Two more passes gained 18 yards.  After a no gain run and a penalty, the Squadron went for broke and hit the jackpot as Sankey found Bailey again on the Squadron sideline, and he tiptoed just into the endzone before being pushed out by Trojan defenders for a touchdown with 17.3 seconds remaining.   This time Kyle Tucker converted his extra point, and Highland Home had a touchdown lead with just seconds remaining.

St. James returned the kickoff back to their own 40, using almost 10 seconds in the process.  The Trojans had time for only two plays afterwards, both incomplete passes, and as players and coaches were learning the result of the other playoff-dependant game was not going in their favor, the season came to an abrupt and perhaps disappointing end as a tiebreaker kept the Trojans out of the state playoffs for the second consecutive year.



ST. JAMES      RUSHING   23 attempts  108 yards  1 TD  (4.70 yards per carry)

                        32   Christian           10 / 56           14   Dean           10 / 44   (1 TD)
                        19   Newton              1 / 11             3   Martin          2 / - 3

                        PASSING   3 completions  7 attempts  2 INTs  11 yards  0 TDs  (no sacks of)

                          3   Martin              2 - 3 - 1     8 yards
                        16   Enslen              1 - 4 - 1     3 yards


                         4   Sutter                 2 / 8              14   Dean             1 / 3

                        TOTAL YARDS:   119

                        KICKS:  XP  0 / 1                FG  0 / 0
                        2 POINT CONVERSIONS:  0 / 0
                        KICKOFFS:  2  (51,42)                                  PUNTS:  3  (48,34,37)
                        KO RETURNS:  3  (21,19,12)                        PUNT RETURNS:   2  (0fc,0f)
                        FIRST DOWNS:   8   (8 rushing)
                        FUMBLES:  3, lost 2

                        TURNOVER MARGIN:   - 1
                        PENALTIES:  11 / 75 yards
                        TIME OF POSSESSION:  15:56

HIGHLAND H  RUSHING   50 attempts  161 yards   1 TD  (3.22 yards per carry)
                        PASSING      8 completions  17 attempts  0 INTs  88 yards  1 TD  (no sacks of)

                        TOTAL YARDS:  249

                        KICKS:  XP  1 / 2                FG  0 / 0
                        2 POINT CONVERSIONS:  0 / 0
                        KICKOFFS:  3  (48,44,48)                          PUNTS:  3 (40,32,26)
                        KO RETURNS:  2  (16,22)                         PUNT RETURNS:  0
                        INTERCEPTION RETURNS:  2  (0,51)
                        FIRST DOWNS:  18  (13 rushing, 2 passing, 3 penalty)
                        FUMBLES:  5, lost 3
                        PENALTIES:  7 / 50 yards
                        TIME OF POSSESSION:  32:04