GAME 9:  ST. JAMES 16, @ Opp 6

STJ               3       7       3       3             16

OPP             0       6       0       0               6


STJ  (1)    2:49   Sutter 37 FG                                                   3 - 0
OPP (2)  11:15   Jones 10 run                           (kick failed)     3 - 6
STJ  (2)    5:51   Freeman 15 run                      (Sutter kick)   10 - 6
STJ  (3)    5:02   Sutter 37 FG                                                 13 - 6
STJ  (4)    1:11   Sutter 35 FG                                                 16 - 6

October 27, 2006.  7 PM  Chenelle-Lee Stadium, Opp.  Game Conditions:  Heavy overcast, breezy  Game Temperature:  68  Wind:  W  7 - 12

St. James kept their playoff hopes alive thanks in part to Graham Sutter's three field goals, two huge and timely defensive stops inside the five yard line, and a stubborn ball control offense as the Trojans won their first game in three chances at Opp by defeating the Bobcats 16 - 6.

For the first time in four games, the Trojans did not score a touchdown on their opening drive; they were stopped on a three and out by an inspired Opp defense.  The Bobcats picked up one first down on a 22 yard pass from Cody Hall to Zach Spann, and got as close as the Trojan 31 before turning the ball over on downs.

From their own 31, the Trojans moved deep into Opp territory.  A big catch by Graham Sutter on third and nine picked up the initial first down, and two plays later his 13 yard catch earned another first down.  Several plays later, facing a fourth and 5 from the Opp 20, Sutter was called in to kick a 37 yard field goal which he converted, and St. James was up 3 - 0 late in the first quarter.

Donald Jones returned the ensuing kickoff from just outside the goal line to midfield, and Opp quickly moved down the field in a quickly moving game.  On the second play of the second quarter, Jones kept off the right side for a 10 yard touchdown.  The extra point attempt was wide, but the Bobcats had a 3 point lead.

The Trojans responded immediately.  Starting again from their own 31, St. James travelled the entire 69 yards for a touchdown.  Chase Christian carried 5 times on the drive for 28 yards, and a defensive offside penalty, one of very few penalties in the game, gave St. James a key first down.  On third and 7 from the Opp 15, Clinton Freeman took the handoff wide and dove just into the endzone for the score.  Sutter's extra point put the Trojans back in the lead by 4 midway through the second quarter.

After being stopped on the kickoff return at the 10 yard line, Opp tried to score once more before halftime.  A 12 yard reverse run by Jones on third and 10 moved the ball out to the Opp 35, and on the next play quarterback Hall threw deep to Klint Short.  A Trojan defender gambled on the interception but missed, and Short appeared to be running free for a 65 yard touchdown reception.  However, Blaine Joyner ran down Short short of the goal line, at the 8 yard line.  With time running out in the half, three running plays netted only 4 yards.  On fourth down from the 4, a Hall pass was low and incomplete and the Trojans maintained their four point lead at halftime.

Opp drove the opening kickoff out to midfield, but again was stopped on downs.  St. James made use of the short field.  First down runs by Matt Dean and Nathan Newton advanced the ball to the Bobcat 22.  Three plays later, Sutter was called on again and he converted his second 37 yard field goal of the game, and the Trojan lead was up to a touchdown at 13 - 6 midway through quarter 3.

The Bobcats were stopped three and out and punted for their only time in the game.  The Trojans were driving again, but a lost fumble, perhaps surprisingly the only turnover in a game on a very soggy field, gave Opp new life at their own 38.  Three plays only gained three yards, but an illegal substitution penalty on St. James changed a punting situation into a fourth down and 2 attempt, which the Bobcats converted after a timeout on a 23 yard run by Jones on the last play of the third quarter.

Hall tossed an 11 yard pass to Jones for a first down, and then later ran for his own, 10 yards to the Trojan 4.  This time, three plays only picked up one yard, and on fourth and 3, Jones was stuffed in the backfield for a two yard loss and the fourth turnover on downs by the Bobcats.  With 8 plus minutes remaining in the game, the Trojans wanted to grind out yardage and clock, which they did.  Ten consecutive running plays netted 67 yards, and a face mask penalty gave the Trojans a first down at the Opp 19.  A block in the back penalty slowed the drive down, but several plays later Sutter was called in to try the icing field goal which he kicked successfully from 35 yards, and the Trojans were up by 10 with 71 seconds to go.

Opp had one time out left, but it proved moot when Sutter executed an onside kick to himself to allow the Trojans to run out the clock and keep their playoff hopes alive.


ST. JAMES      RUSHING   49 attempts  227 yards  1 TD  (4.63 yards per carry)

                        32   Christian           15 / 89           14   Dean           13 / 86            30   Freeman         11 / 40  (1 TD)
                        19   Newton              4 / 16             3   Martin          6 / - 4

                        PASSING   3 completions  6 attempts  0 INTs  32 yards  0 TDs  (no sacks of)

                          3   Martin              2 - 4 - 0     20 yards
                        16   Enslen              1 - 2 - 0     12 yards


                         4   Sutter                 3 / 32

                        TOTAL YARDS:   259

                        KICKS:  XP  1 / 1                FG  3 / 3    (37,37,35 made)
                        2 POINT CONVERSIONS:  0 / 0
                        KICKOFFS:  5  (49,59,44,58,12)                    PUNTS:  1  (34)
                        KO RETURNS:  2  (26,7)                              PUNT RETURNS:   0
                        FIRST DOWNS:   16    (12 rushing, 2 passing, 2 penalty)
                        FUMBLES:  2, lost 1

                        TURNOVER MARGIN:   - 1
                        PENALTIES:  3 / 20 yards
                        TIME OF POSSESSION:  27:42

OPP                 RUSHING   33 attempts  126 yards   1 TD  (3.82 yards per carry)
                        PASSING      6 completions  15 attempts  0 INTs  120 yards  0 TDs  (no sacks of)

                        TOTAL YARDS:  246

                        KICKS:  XP  0 / 1                FG  0 / 0
                        2 POINT CONVERSIONS:  0 / 0
                        KICKOFFS:  2  (44,36)                               PUNTS:  1  (43)
                        KO RETURNS:  4  (39,9,8,28)                    PUNT RETURNS:  1  (10)
                        FIRST DOWNS:  10  (5 rushing, 5 passing)
                        FUMBLES:  0
                        PENALTIES:  2 / 10 yards
                        TIME OF POSSESSION:  20:18