GAME 7: 
ST. JAMES 17, Ashford 7

ASH          0        7        0        0           7

STJ           7      10        0        0         17


STJ   (1)    9:27   Crider 5 run                                     (Sutter kick)      7 - 0
STJ   (2)  11:48   Sutter 39 FG                                                            10 - 0
STJ   (2)    6:48   Enslen 28 pass from Martin             (Sutter kick)    17 - 0
ASH  (2)    2:03   Melton 9 pass from Love                (Harris kick)    17 - 7 

October 13, 2006.  7:00 PM  Carlisle Field.  Game Conditions:  Clear, brisk   Game Temperature:  61  Wind N, light game time

St. James scored on three of its first four possessions and Ashford committed several costly penalties in the final quarter and was guilty of dubious time management to conclude both halves, enabling the 1 - 5 Trojans to capture their second win of the year with a result many would consider an upset, a 17 - 10 victory over the previously 5 - 1 Yellow Jackets.

The first several drives of this game were eerily similar to the previous week's game at Daleville.  St. James took the opening kickoff and drove down the field completely on the ground, going 71 yards in 7 plays.  Matt Dean's 34 yard run on the second play pushed the ball into Jacket territory, and Jeremy Crider ended the drive with a 5 yard charge for the touchdown.  Graham Sutter's extra point gave St. James an early 7 point lead.

Despite a fourth down defensive penalty, Ashford was forced to punt on their opening drive.  The shanked punt out of bounds gave the Trojans a short field, and they ran the ball down impressively again.  However, on third down from the Jacket 6, a lost fumble cost the Trojans a golden scoring opportunity.  Once again though, the St. James defense held, and Ashford had to use two time outs in the first quarter which may have hurt them later in the half.  After another short punt, the Trojans took over on the Jacket 38.  Crider's carry of 6 yards to start the drive would be his last of the game, but Clinton Freeman helped Matt Dean pick up the slack.  On the second play of the second quarter, Sutter connected on his sixth field goal of the season (in seven attempts), a 39 yarder, and the Trojans were up by 10.

Ashford finally earned their initial first down of the game on their next drive, but it was a solo.  After another punt, the Trojans had great field position again at their own 45.  Dean carried for 15, Freeman for 9, and Dean for 4 moving the ball down to the Jacket 27.  After a one yard loss on first down, Will Martin found fellow quarterback John Enslen in the role of wide receiver, and found him catching a 28 yard touchdown pass which split defenders on the way.  Sutter's extra point gave St. James a perhaps surprising 17 - 0 lead midway through the second quarter.

The Yellow Jackets finally got their offense in gear, and primarily in the air.  Ryan Love found freshman speedster Mike Ray for a 29 yard completion for a first down.  Ray added an 8 yard run later in the drive.  A holding penalty near the goal line slowed the drive, but on third and goal from the 9, Love found Reginald Melton between defenders and other potential receivers in the back of the endzone for a touchdown.  The extra point cut the Trojan lead to 10 with 2:03 remaining in the half.

Ashford's use of their final time out on the scoring drive prevented them from stopping the clock and getting another chance to score, despite the fact St. James could not convert a first down after the Jacket kickoff, and the Trojans rushed into the warmth of the locker room with a 10 point lead.

Melton returned the kickoff for the Jackets back to their own 40 yard line, and Ashford again moved down the field.  On fourth and 2 from the Trojan 17, Melton ran for 6 yards and a first down.  Three plays gained only one yard, and a time out was called prior to fourth down.  Ashford opted to go for the touchdown, and a Love pass, one of 33 he attempted, was incomplete and St. James had held.  The Trojans ate up most of the remainder of the third quarter and regained control of field position after a Sutter punt was downed at the Jacket 17.  By now, the frustration of Ashford was showing.  A dead ball personal foul penalty, and an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty one play later led to a fourth and 22 from the Jacket 5.  After a 32 yard punt, the Trojans were in scoring position again.  A sack on second down was followed by a late hit penalty, and a second unsportsmanlike conduct penalty two plays later resulted in an ejection and a free first down on fourth and 8 from the Jacket 35.  On third and long, a block in the back penalty pushed the Trojans backwards, and an interception on the next play ended the threat.

Mostly on Love passes and receptions by Ray and Jamichael Sheppard, Ashford moved down the field steadily.  From the Trojan 41, a screen pass to Sheppard down the far sideline appeared to go for a touchdown, but a block in the back penalty at the 30 negated most of the yardage gained.  Ashford got as close as the Trojan 34, but after spending their last time out with over 4 minutes remaining in the game, a desperation pass fell incomplete and St. James had the ball back once more.

The Jackets stopped the Trojans on a three and out, but only had 84 seconds to score 10 points from their own 45.  A block in the back penalty pushed Ashford back 10, but Ray caught a 26 yard pass on fourth and 19 to keep Ashford hopes alive.  However, with time evaporating, three incomplete passes were all the Yellow Jackets could manage and the Trojans ran off the field with their second win of the season and renewed hopes for a state playoff berth.


ST. JAMES      RUSHING   43 attempts  180 yards  1 TD  (4.19 yards per carry)

                        14   Dean             18 / 117      60   Crider        8 /   37  (1 TD)     19   Newton         8 / 24
                        30   Freeman          7 /   21        3   Martin       2 / - 19

                        PASSING   2 completions  5 attempts  1 INT  32 yards  1 TD  (1 sack of, - 13 yards)

                          3   Martin              1 - 2 - 0     28 yards   (1 TD)    (1 sack, - 13 yards)
                        16   Enslen              1 - 3 - 1       4 yards


                        16   Enslen         1 / 28 (TD)     4   Sutter        1 / 4

                        TOTAL YARDS:   212

                        KICKS:  XP  2 / 2                FG  1 / 1    (39 made)
                        2 POINT CONVERSIONS:  0 / 0
                        KICKOFFS:  4  (56,46,59,56)                        PUNTS:  2  (42,34)
                        KO RETURNS:  2  (12,16)                            PUNT RETURNS:   0
                        FIRST DOWNS:   14    (11 rushing, 1 passing, 2 penalty)
                        FUMBLES:  2, lost 1

                        TURNOVER MARGIN:   - 2
                        PENALTIES:  3 / 30 yards
                        TIME OF POSSESSION:  24:33

ASHFORD       RUSHING   32 attempts  114 yards   0 TDs  (3.56 yards per carry)
                        PASSING      8 completions  33 attempts  0 INTs  120 yards  1 TD  (1 sack of, - 4 yards)
                        TOTAL YARDS:  234

                        KICKS:  XP  1 / 1                FG  0 / 0
                        2 POINT CONVERSIONS:  0 / 0
                        KICKOFFS:  2  (43,52)                               PUNTS:  4  (19,31,20,32)
                        KO RETURNS:  4  (18,5,26,36)                  PUNT RETURNS:  1  (15)
                        FIRST DOWNS:  12  (6 rushing, 5 passing, 1 penalty)
                        FUMBLES:  1, lost 0
                        PENALTIES:  9 / 94 yards
                        TIME OF POSSESSION:  23:27