GAME 6:  @ Daleville 26, St. James 13

STJ               7       6       0       0             13

DAL             6       0     14       6             26


STJ  (1)  10:08   Crider 14 run                                 (Sutter kick)    7 -  0
DAL (1)   1:24   Randolph 12 run                         (kick blocked)    7 -  6
STJ  (2)    0:27   Crider 1 run                                   (pass failed)   13 -  6
DAL (3)   9:20   Stewart 1 run                                  (Starr kick)   13 - 13
DAL (3)   2:18   Randolph 1 run                              (Starr kick)   13 - 20
DAL (4)   5:23   Johnson 1 run                                (pass failed)   13 - 26

October 6, 2006.  7 PM  Warhawk Stadium.  Game Conditions:  Clear, brisk, breezy  Game Temperature:  64  Wind:  N  10 - 15

St. James zoomed out of the box for 80 yards rushing on their opening drive, but could only manage 82 the remainder of the evening, while opposing Daleville rushed for 364 yards and scored 20 consecutive points in a come-from-behind 26 - 13 victory over the Trojans as the Warhawks celebrated their 2006 Homecoming.

After an opening kickoff to the endzone, the Trojans began their most impressive drive of the season thus far, entirely on the ground.  Matt Dean and Jeremy Crider carried for 18, 6, 9, 17, 16, and 14 yards on six consecutive plays for a touchdown less than two minutes into the game.  Crider dragged tacklers into the endzone on the 14 yard run for the score, and Graham Sutter's extra point gave St. James an early 7 - 0 lead.  After an ensuing endzone kickoff, the Warhawks were stopped after one first down, and St. James had the ball again.  The Trojans managed one first down, but the Daleville rushing defense stiffened, forcing a punt, which Sutter dropped at the Warhawk 8.

Daleville promptly traveled 92 yards for a touchdown.  After a defensive offensive penalty, one of several five yarders which plagued the Trojans all night at seemingly crucial times, Ricky Stewart broke loose for 32 yards.  Later, Jonas Randolph ran for 17 of his 127 total yards, and earned the touchdown with his a 12 yard carry to finish the drive.  Chad Crews rushed through the line and blocked the extra point attempt, and St. James retained a one point lead late in the first quarter.

St. James engaged in another long drive after an endzone kickoff.  Two passes from John Enslen to Graham Sutter picked up 21 and 17 yards, and a late hit penalty added 15 more yards.  Crider's 11 yard run gave the Trojans a first down at the 6.  Two more runs netted two yards, and a pass to Nathan Newton came up just short of the endzone.  On fourth down, the Trojans opted to go for the touchdown, but the Daleville defense stuffed a sneak for a yard loss, stopping another potential 80 yard drive.

Daleville used up more than half of the second quarter clock time in their next drive, but three penalties continued to force them backwards, and they punted from their own 21.  After the punt was returned to the Warhawk 43, St. James had a short field and capitalized.  Will Martin caught a 19 yard pass on first down.  A defensive pass interference penalty erased a Warhawk interception and gave the Trojans another first down.  On third and 1 from the 3, Matt Dean recovered his own fumble four feet short of the goal line, and Crider carried one yard on the next play for the touchdown with only 27 seconds remaining in the half.  After an offside penalty on the extra point try, the snap was bad and holder Martin attempted a desperation two point conversion pass, which was intercepted in the endzone.  However, the Trojans would take a seven point lead to the locker room at halftime.

Daleville's Randolph returned the opening kickoff to the Trojans 47, giving the Warhawks a short field, and they capitalized as well.  His 28 yard run gave Daleville a first down at the Trojan 11, and three plays later, Ricky Stewart carried for a one yard touchdown.  Thomas Starr this time converted the extra point, and the game was tied at 13 early in the third quarter.

An 8 yard completion from Enslen to Sutter on the next drive left the Trojans just short of a first down, and the Warhawks took over on their own 28 after a punt.  Ten running plays later (the Warhawks attempted only one pass the entire game which was incomplete), Daleville was in the endzone again.  Randolph carried for the final yard this time, and Starr's kick gave the Warhawks their first lead at 20 - 13.

The Trojans drove as far as the Warhawk 36 on the next drive, but a quarterback sack and a loss resulted in an endzone punt.  The Trojans stopped the Warhawks for the first time in the second half on a three and out, but on their next drive committed the first turnover of the game as a fumble was recovered at the Trojan 39.  Stewart picked up 10 yards on third down and 5.  Dennis Johnson picked up 23 yards on the next play, being tackled just short of the endzone, and was rewarded on the next play with a 1 yard run for the final touchdown of the game.  Another bad snap resulted in a two point conversion pass attempt which failed, but the Warhawks were up by 13 with less than 5½ minutes remaining.

St. James ran the kickoff back to the 35 yard line, and 15 yards were tacked on due to a face mask penalty.  On first down, a pass interference penalty gave the Trojans another 15 yards, but on the next play Calvin Flowers intercepted a pass at the Daleville 2 yard line with 4:50 on the clock.  Despite the Trojans using their three time outs, Daleville was able to run out the clock to secure their first victory over the Trojans in four attempts.


ST. JAMES      RUSHING   34 attempts  162 yards  2 TDs  (4.76 yards per carry)

                        60   Crider       16 / 88  (2 TDs)      14   Dean             9 /  60          19   Newton         1 / 21
                        16   Enslen         2 /  4                     3   Martin           6 / - 11

                        PASSING    6 completions  9 attempts  1 INT  70 yards  0 TDs  (1 sack of, - 6 yards)

                        16   Enslen        6 - 9 - 1     70 yards    (1 sack. - 6)


                          4   Sutter         3 / 46                     3   Martin           2 /  21           19   Newton         1 /   3

                        TOTAL YARDS:   232

                        KICKS:  XP  1 / 1                FG  0 / 0
                        2 POINT CONVERSIONS:  0 / 1
                        KICKOFFS:   3  (60EZ,58,52)                  PUNTS:  3  (38,38,45EZ)

                        KO RETURNS:  3 (17,27,27)                   PUNT RETURNS:  2  (9,17)
                        FIRST DOWNS:   16   (11 rushing, 3 passing, 2 penalty)
                        FUMBLES:  2, lost 1
                        TURNOVER MARGIN:   - 2

                        PENALTIES:  6 / 29 yards
                        TIME OF POSSESSION:  17:11

DALEVILLE    RUSHING   56 attempts  364 yards  4 TDs  (6.50 yards per carry)
                        PASSING    0 completions  1 attempt  0 INTs  0 yards   0 TDs  (no sacks of)
                        TOTAL YARDS:  364

                        KICKS:  XP  2 / 2                FG  0 / 0
                        2 POINT CONVERSIONS:  0 / 2
                        KICKOFFS:   5  (60EZ,60EZ,49,57,52)     PUNTS:  3  (34,39,42)

                        KO RETURNS:  2  (17,45)                       PUNT RETURNS:   0
                        INTERCEPTION RETURNS:  1  (0)
                        FIRST DOWNS:  18  (17 rushing, 1 penalty)

                        FUMBLES:  0
                        PENALTIES:  10 / 109 yards
                        TIME OF POSSESSION:   30:49