GAME 3: 
ST. JAMES 27, Alabama Christian 6

ACA          0        0        6        0           6

STJ           3      21        0        3         27


STJ   (1)    3:31   Sutter 32 FG                                                                        3 - 0
STJ   (2)  11:53   Sutter 51 FG                                                                        6 - 0
STJ   (2)    8:57   Hale 42 interception return    (Martin pass from Enslen)   14 - 0
STJ   (2)    2:11   Sutter 32 pass from Enslen                          (Sutter kick)   21 - 0
STJ   (2)    0:02   Sutter 48 FG                                                                      24 - 0
ACA (3)    5:46   Teel 3 pass from Cousar                              (pass failed)    24 - 6
STJ   (4)    5:56   Sutter 45 FG                                                                      27 - 6

September 15, 2006.  7 PM  Carlisle Field.  Game Conditions:  Mostly clear   Game Temperature:  82  Wind  N, light

Graham Sutter tied two school records by kicking four field goals in one game including a school record-tying 51 yarder, and caught a touchdown pass as well as the Trojans picked up their first win of the season and their fifth consecutive Capital City Conference victory with a 27 - 6 victory over the visiting Alabama Christian Eagles.

Neither team accomplished much on their opening drives, but St. James benefited from a short punt and a good punt return by Clinton Freeman, allowing them to start their second possession on the Eagle 34.  Nathan Newton had several fine runs, and the Trojans benefited from a defensive encroachment penalty for a first down.  Matt Dean caught John Enslen's pass and ran it down to the Eagle 10, but several plays later after a quarterback sack forced a field goal attempt by Sutter, his first of four, from 32 yards.  He connected and the Trojans had a 3 - 0 lead in the first quarter.

Three plays after an endzone kickoff by Sutter, Eagle Michael Cousar threw a pass over the middle which was intercepted by Freeman in the middle of the field.  This time the Trojans were hurt by several penalties, but on the opening play of the second quarter, Sutter connected on a 51 yard field goal which tied the longest in school history (one made by current Montgomery Academy soccer coach Michael Ritch) on a kick which had 10 more yards distance on it, and the Trojans were up by 6.

Graham Sutter celebrates after tying the school record with a 51 yard field goal against the Eagles    

Alabama Christian's next drive advanced due to a pass interference penalty, but retreated after a personal foul penalty later.  Two plays after a quarterback sack, Cousar threw his second interception of the game, this one to Kevin Hale, who spun around a potential Eagle receiver and raced down the near sidelines for a 42 yard touchdown - his second career interception return for a touchdown.  After a time out, the Trojans opted for a two point conversion, and Enslen found Will Martin in the endzone for the two, giving St. James a 14 - 0 lead early in the second quarter.

      Hale makes the interception which leads to St. James's first touchdown against ACA 

The Eagles were driving down the field, but a fumble at the Trojan 27 ended their first legitimate scoring chance.  The Trojans marched 72 yards in 11 plays, overcoming several penalties.  Ten yard passes from Enslen to Dean and Sutter, respectively, gave St. James a first down at the Eagle 32.  From there, Enslen scrambled wide and found Sutter at the back of the endzone with a well thrown touchdown pass.  Sutter added his own extra point for a 21 - 0 lead late in the half.

ACA was stopped 3 and out, and after a 22 yard punt return by Freeman, St. James was in scoring position again.  Three plays netted only 1 yard, but Sutter was again called upon and kicked his third field goal of the first half, a 48 yarder (the third longest in school history) with 2.7 seconds remaining, and St. James was cruising with lots of momentum and a 24 point lead going into halftime.

Michael Cousar led the Eagles on their best offensive drive of the night to start the third quarter.  They traveled 71 yards in 14 plays.  Brent Teel picked up several first downs on the ground, and he caught a touchdown pass on fourth down from the Trojan 3 for ACA's first and only score of the evening as a two point conversion pass, basically the same play as the touchdown, failed.

St. James was stopped 3 and out, and the Eagles were moving again.  However, the Trojan defense stiffened and held Teel to a 7 yard run on fourth down and 9 deep in Trojan territory.  From there, St. James ate up the remaining third quarter clock and more than half of the final quarter.  St. James got as close as the 1, but three consecutive penalties pushed the ball back, and Sutter was called on again to kick his record-tying fourth field goal, this one from 45 yards (the fourth longest in school history), which he converted, and the Trojans were up 27 - 6 midway through the final quarter.

A Blaine Joyner sack on the next drive pushed the Eagles backwards, and after their punt the Trojans ran out the rest of the clock on their way to a sweet first victory of the 2006 season and a chance to look ahead to another city and regional rival, Trinity, the following week.


ST. JAMES      RUSHING   29 attempts  69 yards  0 TDs  (2.38 yards per carry)

                        14   Dean             4 / 37               19   Newton           9 / 27
                        30   Freeman        2 /   7               16   Enslen           14 / - 2

                        PASSING   12 completions  17 attempts  0 INTs  129 yards  1 TD  (2 sacks of, - 18 yards)

                        16   Enslen      12 - 17 - 0   129 yards   1 TD  (2 sacks, - 18 yards)


                          4   Sutter            8 / 79  (1 TD)    14   Dean             4 / 50

                        TOTAL YARDS:   198

                        KICKS:  XP  1 / 1                FG  4 / 4    (32,51,48,45 made)
                        2 POINT CONVERSIONS:  1 / 1
                        KICKOFFS:  7  (EZ,54,55,41,EZ,49,EZ)       PUNTS:  2  (38,35)
                        KO RETURNS:  1  (13)                                PUNT RETURNS:   3  (8,22,4)
                        FIRST DOWNS:   12    (4 rushing, 7 passing, 1 penalty)
                        FUMBLE RETURNS:  1  (0)
                        INTERCEPTION RETURNS:  1  (42TD)
                        FUMBLES:  0

                        TURNOVER MARGIN:   + 3
                        PENALTIES:  14 / 110 yards
                        TIME OF POSSESSION:  24:28

ACA                 RUSHING   39 attempts  99 yards   0 TDs  (2.54 yards per carry)
                        PASSING      3 completions  8 attempts  2 INTs  19 yards  1 TD  (5 sacks of, - 42 yards)
                        TOTAL YARDS:  118

                        KICKS:  XP  0 / 0                FG  0 / 0
                        2 POINT CONVERSIONS:  0 / 1
                        KICKOFFS:  2  (40,OB)                             PUNTS:  3  (29,35,23)
                        KO RETURNS:  4  (25,35,6,28)                  PUNT RETURNS:  1  (0fc)
                        FIRST DOWNS:  11   (8 rushing, 1 passing, 2 penalty)
                        FUMBLES:  1, lost 1
                        PENALTIES:  5 / 54 yards
                        TIME OF POSSESSION:  23:32

photos courtesy of The Montgomery Advertiser