GAME 11:  @ South Lamar 6, Saint James 0

STJ          0       0       0       0         0

S  L          0       0       6       0         6


S L  (3)   0:00   Hamilton 79 run       (kick failed)     0 - 6

November 10, 1995.
  South Lamar Field, Millport.   Game Conditions:  Heavy rain, very windy  Game Temperature:  56  Wind:  W / NW  20 - 35

In a game which could best be described as being played in monsoon conditions as a vicious November cold front sank down into Alabama, the South Lamar (County) Stallions, primarily on the legs of 19-year-old running back Tim Hamilton's 205 yards in the muck, withstood several Trojan scoring opportunities and held on for a 6 - 0 first round playoff victory in the first ever meeting in any sport between the two schools.

The hard steady rain began about three hours before game time and continued well into the second half without abating.  Moving the ball was tough at best, but Saint James managed to enter Stallions territory on their first drive before turning the ball over on downs.  After that, neither team could move the ball with any consistency in the first half, and punts into the wind were lucky to clear ten yards net.  Rain beat down the even wind-aided punts as well.

The Stallions were stopped on their opening drive of the second half, but Hamilton's massive punt of 67 yards went far through the endzone, giving the Trojans possession at their own 20.  After a first down, a personal foul penalty after a seven yard run by Mark Berry gave the Trojans the ball at midfield.  Three plays netted only five yards, and an into-the-wind punt traveled only 13 yards.  South Lamar was held to six yards on three plays, and somehow despite the wind advantage, a miskicked punt spun backwards to be downed at the Stallion 30.  On first down, Sequon Herring found Jason Smith for a 13 yard first down catch and run.  On the next play, Saint James went for broke but the Herring pass intended for Will Webber was intercepted in the endzone. 

Two plays later, however, Lucas Harris returned the favor and returned a Stallion interception 16 yards to the South Lamar 11 and it appeared someone would finally score.  Three plays netted only two yards, and Saint James lined up for a 26 yard field goal into the wind.  The Trojans attempted a fake and it went nowhere except backwards as Herring was downed at the Stallion 21.  However, with only 23 seconds remaining in the third period, Saint James would have the wind advantage in the final quarter and theoretically the advantage they needed.

However, they would trail on the scoreboard.  For the first and only time in the game, Hamilton took a handoff and broke through the Trojan defense as he scampered down the sidelines for a 79 yard touchdown run as the third quarter clock expired.  The extra point failed, but the Stallions had the first, and what would be the only score of the game on their side.

The Trojans were stopped three and out on their first fourth quarter drive, but just missed recovering a fumble on the punt return.  The Stallions kept the ball on the ground and ate clock.  A clipping penalty cost the Stallions a valuable first down, but by the time they had punted only 6:32 remained on the clock.  Saint James picked up two first downs and got back into South Lamar territory.  However, three plays of little or no gain led to a fourth down and 9 at the Stallion 42.  A play somewhat similar to the fake field goal, a reverse, was attempted, and was just as futile as it lost 13 yards.

Saint James had to use all three timeouts on the next three rushing plays, on which South Lamar gained 6 yards.  The fourth down play just barely made enough yardage for the first down, according to a dubious measurement, with just over a minute remaining.  A fumbled snap on first down by the quarterback gave everyone on the Stallion sideline a scare, but the time taken to unload the pile and to run the next two plays were more than enough time for South Lamar to claim the victory, and the laundry staffs were rewarded with the thankless job of removing all that Lamar County mud from the jerseys as Saint James ended another season in the first round playoffs on the road.