GAME 2:  SAINT JAMES 19, Highland Home 14

H H           0       7       0       7         14
STJ            0       9       7       3         19


STJ   (2)  9:04   Roberson 22 FG                                                        3 -  0
STJ   (2)  7:47   Pynes 18 interception return          (kick blocked)     9 -  0
H H  (2)  5:35   Harris 35 run                                      (kick good)     9 -  7
STJ   (3)  7:50   Armstrong 57 run                       (Roberson kick)    16 -  7
H H  (4)  9:44   Harris 1 run                                        (kick good)   16 - 14
STJ   (4)  4:31   Roberson 32 FG                                                      19 - 14

September 10, 1993.  Carlisle Field.   Game Conditions:  Partly Cloudy   Game Temperature:  75   Light wind

Cade Armstrong rushed for over 150 yards, threw two passes for completions, and caught two passes as well to help lead Saint James to their second consecutive win to begin the 1993 season, a 19 - 14 victory over the visiting Highland Home Flying Squadron.

The Squadron picked up several first downs on their initial drive, but were forced to punt just inside Trojan territory, and they pinned Saint James back deftly at the 2 yard line.  With a clock failure, the time seemed to literally fly by in the first quarter, as the mandatory heat timeout was called just after the Trojans' unsuccessful try on third down.  Highland Home took over after a punt on the Trojan 41, but could not advance and punted once more, pinning Saint James back at their own 11.

A 34 yard pass from Cade Armstrong to Ryan Pynes finally gave the Trojans some breathing room near the end of the first quarter.  Armstrong and Walter Moss, the rotating quarterbacks, each picked up rushing yardage on the next drive with Moss running for eighteen yards.  Later, Hunter Pappas rushed for eight and Armstrong for fifteen more.  On third down from the Squadron two, a busted play pushed the ball back to the five, and Andy Roberson was called in to kick a 22 yard field goal, which he did.  With the clock working again, the field goal gave Saint James a 3 - 0 lead nearly three minutes into the second quarter.

A nice kickoff return by the Squadron was negated in most part by a dead ball unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.  On third down and 22 from their own 25, the Highland Home quarterback attempted a supposedly safe screen pass which was juggled by the intended receiver and taken away by the pursuing Ryan Pynes at the 18 yard line who then cruised into the endzone.  The extra point was blocked, but Saint James had scored 9 points in less than 90 seconds.

After another nice return on the kickoff gave Highland Home some badly needed field position, they took advantage.  Six plays later, quarterback Roosevelt Harris called his own number and carried for a 35 yard touchdown.  The extra point cut the lead to two with still ample time remaining in the first half.

Saint James drove smartly down the field.  An Armstrong carry of 29 yards gave Saint James a first down at the Squadron 20.  After an eight yard pass to Armstrong from Moss, Pappas took a handoff but the ball was knocked loose at the five yard line and unintentionally kicked through the back of the endzone for a touchback, thwarting a Trojan scoring opportunity.  With still 3½ minutes left on the second quarter clock, Highland Home began a drive as well.  Harris ran for 16 yards, and then later caught a halfback pass for 18 yards giving Highland Home a first down at the Trojan 6 with only 20 seconds remaining.  A penalty and an incomplete pass pushed the ball back to the 11, and a last second 29 yard field goal attempt failed, leaving the Trojans with a precarious 2 point lead at halftime.

Things started off badly for the Trojans in the third quarter as Highland Home recovered a fumble on the first scrimmage play at the Trojan 30.  Three runs netted only two yards, and an incomplete pass on fourth down gave the ball back to Saint James.  On first down from the 28, Pappas took a reverse handoff on a play which could easily have been a touchdown, but was instead stopped by a lucky one hand tackle fifteen yards downfield by a Squadron defender.  However, on the next play, Armstrong ran the same play without the reverse handoff and outraced defenders 57 yards into the endzone for a touchdown.  Andy Roberson's extra point was good, and Saint James had a two possession lead, 16 - 7, midway through the third quarter.

The Squadron could not move the ball on either of their remaining third quarter possessions, but pinned the Trojans deep with punts each time.  The final play of the quarter left the Trojans with a first down at their own five.  Two plays later, Saint James fumbled again deep in their own territory, and this time the Squadron would take advantage.  It took four consecutive runs starting at the five yard line for Harris, but he did finally bust into the endzone on fourth down for the score.  The extra point dropped the Trojan lead to two points, 16 - 14, with nearly 10 minutes remaining in the game.

A holding penalty on the kickoff return pushed Saint James back yet again, but they ground out valuable clock in the fourth quarter with a thirteen play drive.  Armstrong carries picked up first down runs of 15 and 8 yards, the second effort aided by a personal foul penalty, and Michael Reid's 12 yard run gave Saint James a first down at the Squadron 28.  A defensive offsides penalty led to another first down, but the drive stalled, and Roberson was called in for his second field goal of the game, which he converted from 32 yards out, giving Saint James a 19 - 14 lead with 4:31 remaining.

Highland Home could not gain any yardage and elected, to the extremely vocal dismay of the Squadron supporters, to punt with three minutes remaining.  The 42 yard punt, which the Trojans and the Squadron allowed to bounce around for ten valuable seconds, finally rolled dead at the Saint James 22.  After a one yard run, Highland Home squeezed the line tight, expecting the safest of calls.  Not!  Hunter Pappas dropped back and found a wide open Pynes for a 30 yard catch, which would have been a touchdown had he not been run down by a desperate and speedy Squadron safety.  Armstrong took over, and forced the Squadron to burn timeouts with three straight runs.  The third run, after a measurement, had gained just enough for a first down, and the Trojans simply ran out the clock with their fourth consecutive victory over the Flying Squadron.


SAINT JAMES   RUSHING    42 rushes  263 yards  1 TD  (6.26 yards per carry)

                          12   Armstrong     21 / 157  (1 TD)       17   Pappas           7 / 48             35   Reid           6 / 24
                          10   Moss              5 /   22                   21   Webber          3 / 12

                          PASSING     4 completions  4 attempts  0 INTs  75 yards  0 TDs  (no sacks of)

                          12   Armstrong     1 - 1 - 0        34 yards
                          17   Pappas          1 - 1 - 0        30 yards
                          10   Moss            2 - 2 - 0        11 yards


                          84   Pynes           2 / 64           12   Armstrong      2 / 11

                          TOTAL YARDS:   338

                          KICKS:  XP  1 / 2                FG  2 / 2   (22,32 made)
                          2 POINT CONVERSIONS:  0 / 0
                          KICKOFFS:   5  (43,37,49,42,48)                            PUNTS:   2  (31,21)
                          KO RETURNS:  3  (24,13,19)                                 PUNT RETURNS:  1  (4)
                          INTERCEPTION RETURNS:  1  (18TD)
                          FIRST DOWNS:   15  (13 rushing, 2 passing)
                          FUMBLES:  2, lost 2
                          TURNOVER MARGIN:  0
                          PENALTIES:  3 / 20 yards
                          TIME OF POSSESSION:  (not available, first quarter clock failure)

HIGHLAND HOME   RUSHING    40 attempts  124 yards  2 TDs  (3.10 yards per carry)
                          PASSING      4 completions  10 attempts  1 INT  67 yards  0 TDs  (1 sack of, - 10 yards)
                          TOTAL YARDS:  191

                          KICKS:  XP  2 / 2                FG  0 / 1   (29 missed)
                          2 POINT CONVERSIONS:  0 / 0
                          KICKOFFS:  3  (51,47,51)                            
         PUNTS:  5  (40,28,30,48,42)
                          KO RETURNS:  5  (20,14,28,5,21)                         PUNT RETURNS:  0
                          FIRST DOWNS:   10  (7 rushing, 3 passing)
                          FUMBLES:  3, lost 1
                          PENALTIES:  5 / 45 yards
                          TIME OF POSSESSION:  (not available, first quarter clock failure)