GAME 6:   Calera 34, Saint James 7

CAL             14       7      13      0         34

STJ                7       0       0       0          7

SCORING SUMMARY:  (some Calera names not yet available)

CAL  (1) 11:04   Schroeder 1 run                                          (# 34 run)     0 -  8
CAL  (1)   6:38   Garcia 5 run                                            (kick failed)    0 - 14
STJ    (1)   4:32   Enslen 4 run                                          (Enslen kick)    7 - 14
CAL  (2) 10:31   Garcia 35 run                                   (Schroeder kick)    7 - 21
CAL  (3)   7:30   Garcia 83 interception return                   (run failed)    7 - 27
CAL  (3)   3:50   Fomby 5 run                                    (Schroeder kick)    7 - 34

October 12, 1990   Carlisle Field.   Game Conditions:  Cloudy, humid    Game Temperature:  78  Wind  NW 8 - 10

For the third consecutive game, the Trojans gave up a touchdown in the first minute of play and could never fully recover.  The visiting Calera Eagles eliminated Saint James from playoff contention as Angel Garcia led the way with three touchdowns in a convincing 34 - 7 victory.

The Trojans' short opening kickoff was returned to the Calera 42.  With trickery on the first play of the game, halfback Desi Fomby completed a pass to Angel Garcia for 54 yards, with a great tackle preventing, for two plays, a touchdown.  Two consecutive runs by Matt Schroeder of three and one yards put Calera on the board early.  Schroeder, also the Eagle place kicker, was shaken up somewhat on the touchdown, so Calera opted for a two point conversion run and was successful, giving them an 8 - 0 lead less than a minute into the game.

Saint James failed to convert a first down on its initial drive, and then from their own 28 Calera traversed 72 yards, all on the ground, in seven plays.  Schroeder carried five times for 51 yards, but it was Garcia, on his first carry of the drive, taking it the final five for a touchdown.  The extra point attempt failed, but the Eagles were still up by 14 only midway through the opening quarter.

The Trojans recovered a squib kick at their own 24 and went to work.  Wade Hartley attempted passes on each of the next six plays: a 16 yard completion to Lucas Harris, a 23 yard completion to Billy Byrd, two incompletions, a 17 yard catch by Harris and a 12 yard catch by Byrd.  With first and goal on the Calera eight, an offside penalty moved the ball half the distance to the goal line, and Robert Enslen scored from 4 yards out on the next play.  His own conversion cut the lead in half, at 14 - 7, still in the first quarter.

Saint James attempted an onside kick, but Calera recovered just short of midfield.  The Eagles were driving again, but fumbled possession away at the Saint James 29.  After three incompletions, the Trojans punted, but Calera fumbled again on their next play, giving the Trojans the ball on their own 48.  A sack on the final play of a rather lengthy first quarter was followed by another sack and a penalty.  A Trojan punt went out of bounds at the Calera 41, and this time it took the Eagles only two plays to score.  Garcia scooted for 24 on first down, and then broke free for a 35 yard touchdown on the next play.  This time, Schroeder connected and bumped the Calera lead back up to two touchdowns.

Schroeder was big on defense as he intercepted a Hartley pass on the next drive and returned it 16 yards to the Eagle 47.  After a 10 and a 6 yard run by Schroeder, it appeared he had scored again on the next play on a 37 yard run, but a holding penalty negated that touchdown.  From there, Calera held the ball for most of the remainder of the second quarter, but a clipping penalty at the Trojan 12 forced them back and eventually led to a fourth down surrender at the Trojan 20.

Saint James played conservatively and almost got a big break on a muffed punt with 15 seconds remaining, but the half ended with no further scoring.

The Trojans moved smartly down the field, through the air and on the ground, to start the third quarter.  However, on third down from the Calera 28, a sideline pass was well read by Garcia, who stepped in front of the intended receiver Byrd at the 17 yard line, caught the ball, and outraced everyone to the endzone for a long touchdown.  Calera again attempted a two point conversion run, but this time failed, leaving the score at 27 - 7 midway through the third quarter.

Disaster struck on the next scrimmage play, as a second Hartley pass was intercepted and returned for an apparent touchdown, but a clip on the return moved the ball back to the Trojan 31.  Despite another holding penalty, Calera's running game, with Schroeder primarily responsible, soon produced another score.  This time Fomby carried the final five yards.  Despite a 15 yard penalty before the extra point, Schroeder's extended kick was good, and the score was cemented at 34 - 7 late in the third quarter.

After another Trojan punt, the Calera reserves drove as far as the Trojan 2 before fumbling the ball away on first down.  Hartley completed several passes and the Trojans moved the ball again before being stopped on downs at the Eagle 27.  With a now continuously running clock, Calera ran off most of the fourth quarter time and punted deep, leaving the Trojans only seconds to run off the clock and prepare for the next game.


SAINT JAMES   RUSHING    29 carries  84 yards   1 TD  (2.90 yards per carry)

                          32   Enslen         21 / 92  (1 TD)     28   George         2 /  6
                          33   Jones             1 /  4                 10   Hartley         5 / - 18

                          PASSING     10 completions  26 attempts  3 INTs   138 yards  0 TDs  (2 sacks of, - 15 yards)

                          10   Hartley          10 - 26 - 3     138 yards    0 TDs 


                          80   Byrd             3 / 62                 21   Harris           3 / 40
                          33   Jones            3 / 25                 32   Enslen          1 / 11

                          TOTAL YARDS:   222

                          KICKS:  XP  1 / 1                                FG  0 / 0
                          2 POINT CONVERSIONS:  0 / 0
                          KICKOFFS:  2  (63,11)                         PUNTS5  (35,22,22,31,30)
                          KO RETURNS:  5  (25,0,21,20,18)        PUNT RETURNS:  0
                          FIRST DOWNS:   13  (6 rushing, 6 passing, 1 penalty)
                          FUMBLES:  2, lost 0
                          TURNOVER MARGIN:   0
                          PENALTIES:  6 / 33 yards
                          TIME OF POSSESSION:  24:52

CALERA            RUSHING   49 attempts  310 yards   4 TDs   (6.33 yards per carry)
                          PASSING     2 completions  3 attempts  0 INTs  57 yards  0 TDs  (no sacks of)
                          TOTAL YARDS:   367

                          KICKS:  XP  3 / 5                                        FG  0 / 0
                          2 POINT CONVERSIONS:  1 / 1
                          KICKOFFS:  6  (51,36,56,55,58,65EZ)          PUNTS:  1  (40)
                          KO RETURNS:  2  (40,0)                             PUNT RETURNS:  2  (-3,7)
                          INTERCEPTION RETURNS:  3  (16,83TD,13)
                          FIRST DOWNS:  16  (14 rushing, 2 passing)
                          FUMBLES:  4, lost 3
                          PENALTIES:  8 / 83 yards
                          TIME OF POSSESSION:  23:08