The Saint James Athletic Booster Club is an organization of parents, coaches, faculty, administration, alumni, and other supporters who volunteer financial support, time, and energy to support nearly forty Saint James athletic teams in more than a dozen different sports at all grade levels in the middle and high schools. We also encourage those in the elementary schools to cheer on the athletes as they prepare to battle for the Trojans in the future.  We believe high quality sports programs offer children the opportunity to fully develop both physically and socially. The Athletic Booster Club also recognizes and supports intrascholastic sports on all levels, from kindergarden to high school. Our mission is to provide the best quality sports programs and premiere athletic facilities for ALL students in ALL sanctioned sports at Saint James School.

  By joining the Saint James Athletic Booster Club, you and your family members are entitled to purchase special Season Passes which provide entrance for almost every Saint James home athletic event during the school year - varsity, junior varsity, and middle school.  (State tournament games/matches and contests held at Saint James but hosted by other schools are not applicable.)  As a Booster Club member, you will also receive a copy of the Saint James Sports Annual, printed and available early each fall semester.  Athletic Booster Club members also receive added perks and opportunities throughout the school year.
But you MUST join the Saint James Athletic Booster Club first!

The Saint James Athletic Booster Club normally meets once each month in the Blue-Gold Room on the second floor of the Saint James high school gymnasium.  Reminders of upcoming meeting dates are sent out via the school e-mail or by Booster Club officers several days prior to each meeting.  If you are not able to attend a meeting, minutes of the most recent meeting will be sent to you by e-mail after the meeting takes place.  Future meeting times will be determined by members present.  Currently, most meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month at noon.  Meetings may not take place each month during the summer vacation period.  Also, special meetings if deemed necessary between regularly scheduled meetings may be called.  All Athletic Booster Club members are invited and strongly encouraged to attend as many meetings as possible.

Each athletic team at each level will accept and appreciate volunteers for team liaisons.  This person will be the contact between the Athletic Booster Club and the specific coach(es).  Liaisons are highly encouraged to attend all Booster Club meetings, especially those prior to and during the particular sport season.  Coaches are also strongly encouraged to attend as well.

The top three yearly fundraising projects for the Saint James Athletic Booster Club are the "Night To Remember" which takes place in late February or early March, the Athletic Booster Club "Triple T" Tournament (Tennis, Tees, and Trojans) which takes place normally at Wynlakes Country Club in late October or early November, and the printing and advertising sales of the Saint James Sports Annual, primarily in early August.  Concession stand operation, clothing sales, souvenir sales, and silent auctions are among other events which also provide beneficial incoming revenue for the overall and individual sports programs.

You may join the Athletic Booster Club at ANY time, but a one-year membership lasts from August 1 until July 31.
The necessary forms to join are available by clicking HERE on the Saint James Athletic Website.  The needed forms are also available directly from the official school website,

If you have any questions about the Saint James Athletic Booster Club, contact Athletic Director Gerry Browning or any other current officer or member of or liaison to the Saint James Athletic Booster Club.  GO TROJANS!


2013-2014        Chris Johnson
2012-2013        Hayden Ward
2011-2012        Hayden Ward
2010-2011        Keith Williams
2009-2010        Keith Williams
2008-2009        Russell McCurdy
2007-2008        Russell McCurdy
2006-2007        Ashley Lough
2005-2006        Clint Freeman
2004-2005        James Martin
2003-2004        John Enslen
2002-2003        Bill King
2001-2002        Craig Mills
2000-2001        James Barber
1999-2000        Tony Craft
1998-1999        Fletcher Gibson
1997-1998        Richard Broughton
1996-1997        Tom Sexton
1995-1996        Tommy Somerville
1994-1995        Wally Darneille
1993-1994        Margy Darneille
1992-1993        Tom Cawthon
1991-1992        Jerry Harris
1990-1991        Bill Jones
1989-1990        Gerald Hartley
1988-1989        Chuck Edwards
1987-1988        Don Freeman
1986-1987        Rani Christie
1985-1986        Ron Soroka

1984-1985        Bobby Grubbs

1983-1984        Johnny Redding

1982-1983        Paul Miles
1981-1982        Frank J. Sego

1980-1981        (not yet available)
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1976-1977        Dr. Ed Walker
1975-1976        James Martin